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What Is the World Harmony Network ??


World Harmony Network is made up of individuals of a new conscious awareness who are working towards establishing an exciting, positive, parallel new society that lives and works in harmony with nature. Every person of this new consciousness is automatically part of this network – by definition – just as all human beings are part of humanity. Therefore, no one joins World Harmony Network; if they are part of this new consciousness then they are part of World Harmony Network - automatically!

World Harmony Foundation will have five primary roles:
1. To act as an Umbrella Organisation.
2. To oversee the establishment and operation of the new society prototype.
3. To accept donated funds and/or resources from the old society for the new prototype society.
4. To distribute funds and/or resources to individuals and/or groups that wish to help develop the new society.
5. To establish and fund organisations that are needed to create this new society but don’t yet exist.

Many people have tried to create new communities based on love, sustainability, natural environment, etc. and have either failed or functioned improperly because they have not had these Principles and/or a suitable new support structure including new technologies that allow these Principles to be effectively used. ALL are needed if a New Paradigm Society is to be successfully established.

These Principles have been written from the perspective that “we are all spiritual beings having a human experience”, not the other way around. Much of the information contained herein originated from other realms including our collective "World Spirit" consciousness. They are in accord with the teachings of Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and other Masters and may be what they were trying to show us so long ago.


The following vision of tomorrow’s world is based on current research, observation, insight and experience derived from many diverse sources. It includes knowledge of some of the most up-to-date and practical new technologies and methodologies that will permit us to transform the way we live in very beneficial ways, in quite a short time.

The Vision:
  • The time period is our near future.
  • The world we live in bears little resemblance to the world we knew in times before the 21st century... 
  • The stresses of daily life have been relieved...
  • Everyone does the things that excite them the most, with integrity, love and trust... Everyone supports the whole, and, the whole supports them. Everyone recognises their personal value and how they always “fit in”
  • This new energy is known as Zero Point Energy (ZPE)....
  • A by-product of this energy is commonly known as “anti-gravity”...
  • All waste products are either recycled or used for other productive purposes... 
  • .... Nuclear power is no longer used and all radioactive wastes have been neutralised or otherwise made safe by technologies that were developed for this purpose.

Everyone has a state of personal health and fitness that could only be dreamed of in the past. This resulted primarily from practices that focus on health creation rather than disease suppression.

Crime is largely a thing of the past. This has come about primarily because of the positive changes in personal and collective attitudes. Additionally, because of the mutual support system, no one has to “go without” as there are no scarcities. Therefore, why would anyone want to steal something if they have the right to use it at any time?

The military has been transformed into Earth Repair and Rescue Units...

Now back to present time!

"Harmony Centres" World Wide... Made in New Zealand and Australia.



People all over NZ have been talking to Trevor (ex-pat NZ'er living in Perth) since his guest appearance on the last "One People's" radio show on 24/25 June 2013. His interview is from 65:15. I spoke to Trevor yesterday evening for an hour via Skype. Trevor is currently compiling a 'contact list' to connect NZ'ers to each other who are ready to MOVE onto Land !! 

I've linked Trevor's websites here so you can read more information on the ethos and aims for the "Harmony Centres" that he is helping to facilitate in Australia and New Zealand. Trevor is a great guy who has written 2 books over the last 30 years as he 'received' information about the New Society (that's us) that will emerge in this New Earth. It is VERY MUCH in harmony with the OPPT principles and 'energy signature' : )

                                                                below  - - -

You can contact Trevor on his e-mail: which is an address that he gave out publicly on the radio show this week. Alternatively, feel free to talk to me about this "2nd Phase", as has been talked about on "The Collective Imagination" and "The One People" radio shows, a few times in the last couple of weeks. You can find me on Facebook or just leave me a message at the end of this Post.

It seems that the "2nd Phase" of "The One People" movement is for groups of people to find each other, form communities, and completely unplug from the current system. By unplugging, tptw can no longer harvest us. We draw from The Moment and BE and DO in that moment, as we are inspired by Eternal Essence, Atua, our Wairua. In law, we have been returned to our original status as Sovereign BEings through the OPPT UCC filings. By returning to Mother Earth who is the Source for providing ALL the needs of our physical selves, we deprive tptw their control over us as self-styled intermediaries. We are provided everything FREELY by Papatuanuku. Return to Her... She is our Mother. There is safety and comfort in her arms.        


The following chart is designed to help facilitate the differentiation between old and new paradigm characteristics, habits, attitudes, beliefs, etc.

Winners and Losers
No Losers – Everyone benefits(Win-Win)
Competing and/or Opposing Forces – Conflicts
Co-operation and inter-co-operation – Peace
Solutions that create more Problems
Solutions that create more Solutions
Rigid Ideas, Beliefs, Structures
Flexible Ideas, Beliefs, Structures
Rewards and Penalties
Mutual Benefits
Rules and Regulations
Guidance and Assistance
The Unconscious Creation of one’s own Reality
The Conscious Creation of one’s own Reality
Domination/Victimhood, Disempowerment
Self-Empowerment, Mutual Empowerment
Boundaries and Barriers, Restrictions
Freedom, Autonomy, Self-Determination
Parasitism (take and no give)
Symbiosis (Mutual give and receive)
Struggle, sorrow and Pain
Joy, Effortlessness, Play, Ecstasy and Fun
Dependence and Co-Dependence
Independence and Inter-Dependence
Self-Perpetuating Conflicts
Co-Operation, Agreements and Sharing
Closed, Dishonest, Dysfunctional Relationships
Open, Honest, Functional, Fulfilling Relationships
Scarcities and Surpluses
Abundance for All (sharing)
Path of Obligations – Pain and Suffering
Path of Excitement – Joy and Fulfilment
Dis-Integration, Separation
Integration, Connection, Unification
Living in the Past and Fear of the Future
Living in the “Now Moment” with an Eye to the Future
Conditional Love
Unconditional Love
Disharmony - Conquering (destroying) Nature
Harmony – Living in Unison with Nature

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A Literal Translation of "Cestui Que Vie"

"Cestui Que Vie" Act (1666)

I have been thinking about the literal translation and the 'hidden layers' of meaning in the phrase, "Cestui Que Vie". It looks like French basically... So this needs a bit more digging given that it was 'a type of French' being used on English shores in LAW !!  Let's follow a little more research...

Hypothesis # 1:  That this phrase draws mainly on the French
From French:   c'est = this is        tu = you     que = that       vie = living/ lives

Could this little phrase mean:
"Is this you that lives?" (posed as a question) or "Is it that you are living?"
"This is you that is living" or "This is you that lives" (posed as a statement).

Is the name of this Act intimating that it actually KNOWS you are DEAD in law (a fictional entity), but that it forces you to claim that you are living.  This is one of the first things you will be asked in court:  "Is this you?"

The judge asks:
"Is this ('name') who you are?" 

We don't REALLY know what he's asking, so we say, "Yes".  From now on, we all need to say,

"NO" !!

That NAME is NOT who you are...
Please continue.

Hypothesis #2

Here's what Google Search turned up: The Norman Conquest and Middle English (1100-1500) ... The new overlords spoke a dialect of Old French known as Anglo-Norman.  Could this explain the word, 'estui' ??

1. Old French estui = prison, from estuier = to guard, from Vulgar Latin *estudire = to treat carefully, from Latin studium = study.

2. stew /stjuː/n brit - a fishpond or fishtank, an artificial oyster bed. Etymology: 14th Century: from Old French estui, from estoier to shut up, confine, ultimately from Latin studium study.

3. Also: Synonyms = worry, suffer, be anxious, obsess, brood, fret, agonize, feel uneasy, go through the mill, be in anguish

Hypothesis #3 - And I think, probably the most correct meaning of the phrase, but not discounting the above Hypotheses:

Cestui que /ˈsɛstwi ˈk/, also cestuy que, is a shortened version of "cestui a que use le feoffment fuit fait", literally, "The person for whose use the feoffment was made."

For further study:

"...In feudal England a feoffment could only be made of a fee (or "fief"), which is an estate in land, that is to say an ownership of rights over land, rather than ownership of the land itself, the only true owner of which was the monarch under his allodial title."

"... Allodial title is related to the concept of land held "in allodium", or land ownership by occupancy and defense of the land. Historically, much of land was uninhabited and could therefore be held "in allodium".[1]"

"... Property which was occupied and held by force against others was held in "allodium". Basically, that means "without any restriction, of any kind or nature, whatsoever". People would come across unoccupied, vacant land and would simply make it theirs. There was no one around, no one to say that they could have it, no one to grant permission, no one to sign a deed. In this regard, "might was right". If you had the property, and could defend it against others, then it was yours in "allodium". Since there was no place to register your title, it was simply acknowledged that you held allodial title. That simply meant that you had no deed.// To a certain extent, the concept of "allodial title" is just a legal fiction. It doesn't really exist in the legal system. It is simply a method of comparing it to other properties and helping to understand the differences between it and "fee simple"."

It appears Cestui is Anglo-Norman - an Old French-based language. Could it be that this phrase is actually a 'word game' ??  I would not be at all surprised if it were considered a 'witty' and clever bit of repartee on the part of the law-makers... To blend the C'est (it is) with the 'estui' (prison), encapsulating their intent for humanity... which WAS undoubtedly to IMPRISON the whole person within his/ her OWN body. Very clever.

You'll remember that this was the time of William Shakespeare - the great pun-maker, whose last play 'The Tempest' (c.1625), was said to be an analogy of the turbulent social & political times. Shakespeare was heartily enjoyed by the people for his double entendre and proliferation of puns throughout his plays. Could it be that these law-makers were writing laws in a manner reflecting these social and literary preferences to be 'very clever'. "Cestui" when seen in this way, is a very witty, almost charming turn of phrase. Very clever indeed. And better still, the common person had no idea whatsoever the meaning was... as this lovely bit of C 21st contemporary poetry points out, author's name not known:

In 1665 Britain was infected with the deadly plague -
In 1666 a great fire then did rage -
But while London was burning down, yes let me repeat that; WHILE LONDON WAS BURNING DOWN -
The parliment of the day decided to hold a special sessions, where they all sat down -
For the right time had come for them to now set in motion -
There would never be a better chance, time, opportunity, amongst all that commotion -
And what they did truly amazed me, you won’t believe what they did you see…

They pasted through the “Cestui Que Vie Act” of 1666 -
Which today STILL EXISTS -
So please, have no doubt, for what this Act is all about -
Is because of the great plague and fire, now hear me:


So they passed it through first in Latin -
So the commoners couldn’t read it -
So they knew not what was happening;
Then they decided to print it in French…
As if that’s going to make any sense?!

For the only ones who could read it were the well off you see -
Who had the right bloodline or ancestry -
So, believe you me, until you tell them you are actually ALIVE, we are all DEAD!!!
Go let your brain cells now figure that out; inside your unique head.

These guys knew what they were writing into law. The common people did NOT use Anglo-Norman in common language, NOR Latin (the language of the church) by the 1600 AD. The People used Chaucerian (actual) English in daily life by 1500 AD, and Shakespearian English by the end of the 1600 AD ... which WE still understand in our modern times.

On an 'energetic' or spiritual level:
The Judge, through his energetic ancestral line back to the Temple Bar draws that energy into the court room that ties us up as a fictional tradeable entity, nothing more than a commodity of the courts. They draw on the energy of the Bar of old, and there we are tied, whipped, beaten, disemboweled and beheaded... under that same Spirit as occurred at the Temple Bar.

In parallel: Those "officials" in the legal system have also deconstructed 'me', dehumanised, made me an unattached head to a "strawman" and tell me that "I" no longer exist.Then this gives THEM the "right" to claim all that I have including my own person. The third link here is of the greatest interest.

I don't want to believe the extent of the EVIL that those 'law makers' knowingly committed against the uneducated masses.  And I think this is what they did !! So in using the Anglo-Norman 'estui' = a prison, with the verb contraction C'est = it is..  This certainly comes across as quite a 'sophisticated' little joke !! ... for ALL except to whom it applied.

Does the name of this law in literal translation really say, "That is a living prison' ?? - referring to the human body as "that".  I would not be at all surprised if this is a part of the meaning of this phrase...  pointing to a most clever prison, indeed  : (

In 1725, Hogarth began a number of engravings that would act as illustrations for a new edition of the seventeenth-century poet Samuel Butler's Hudibras. This was an epic poem in three parts that satirised seventeenth-century Puritans against the backdrop of the English Civil War. Burning Ye Rumps at Temple Bar is the eleventh plate of this series. The image refers to the protests against the 'rump parliament' by inhabitants of the Temple Bar area. The 'rump parliament' was originally created in December 1648, with the aim of removing those members of the Long Parliament who were in favour of a negotiation with Charles I. Thus, the term 'rump' referred to the remnants of the legitimate parliament. 

The engraving is based on an historic event in which factions of the London populace poured into the streets in protest of the reinstatement of a 'rump parliament' that followed the death of Oliver Cromwell, the Lord Protector of the Commonwealth, in 1659. Members of the mob roasted rumps of beef in the street, as they voiced their displeasure with the chant, "No More Rump." Hogarth's illustration, taking place on Butcher's Row, a street just north of the Strand that was lined with butchers' shops, is dominated by a tumultuous crowd. In the foreground, protestors carry a plum effigy of a Member of Parliament through the crowd, and layered behind are representations of members of the 'rump,' burning and hanging from the buildings, and the skyline is dotted with the heads of traitors fixed on spikes. Bonfires are scattered across the image, with rioters burning the rumps of meat that symbolised their dislike of the 'rump parliament,' and acted as an assertion of masculinity and plebeian anarchy. The bustling crowd scene is juxtaposed with the linear facades of the buildings. The rhythmic layering of these buildings ultimately leads the viewer's eye to the central landmark of the image, the arch of Temple Bar, which is apocryphal in this context, as construction did not begin on this structure until 1669. Even before the arch was erected, Temple Bar marked the barrier from the Western point of the City of London to Westminster and was representative of two different urban spaces. Traditionally, the monarch would stop at Temple Bar before entering the City to be greeted by the Lord Mayor, a ceremonial act that marked the symbolic union of monarch and city. Though the arch demarcates two contrasting spaces, these spaces are symbolically brought together through the crowd that has joined forces in protest of the 'rump parliament.' 

-Francesca Mainman

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Who IS "The Crown" Anyway ?? How We Got Conned !!

Original Source:

London c.1650 AD, prior to the Great Fire of London 1666.

Historical Map of Mid-Tudor London Frans Hogenberg

A Conventional History of London:   
The "modern" world of so-called Western Civilization began at the end of the 17th century with the blossoming of the British Empire. The underpinnings of that Empire actually began several hundred years earlier with the establishment of the City of London, which is now an 800-year old corporation that controls finance and philosophy for an entity called "The Crown"

Published on Jun 24, 2012
Who or What Constitutes "The Crown"
This entity is the creator and controller of the Bank of England and the US Federal Reserve. They also control the World Bank, the IMF and associated cartels. "The Crown" identity is kept most secret. The Crown's agent, The Bank of England assumed control of the United States during the Roosevelt administration (1901-1909) when its agent J.P. Morgan took over 25% of American business. Read Here

The area marked in red is the City of London within greater Metropolitan London.
The Crown has never  been the King or Queen of England since the establishment of this corporate body. The Crown is the directorate of the Corporation. The island of Britain is a financial oligarchy run by "The Crown" which refers to the "City of London" not the Queen. The City is run by the Bank of England, a "private" corporation. The City is a sovereign state located in the heart of greater London. It became a Sovereign State in 1694 when king William the third of Orange privatised and turned the Bank of England over to the banksters. Considered the "Vatican of the financial world," the City is not subject to British law.
It has its own courts, its own laws, its own flag and its own police force, separate from metropolitan London. City (Crown/Corporation) police drive red patrol cars and their uniforms are slightly different from the Metropolitan Police. Read Here
                  City Of London Flag                                             City Of London Police 

                 Flag Of England                                                      Metropolitan Police

It houses the privatised* Bank of England, Lloyds of London, the London stock exchange, all British banks, the branch offices of 385 foreign banks and 70 US banks as well as Fleet Street's newspaper and publishing monopolies. It is also the headquarters for British Freemasonry.
* In 1945, The Bank of England was nationalized by the Labour government. It is allegedly no longer private. The bank is suposedly publically owned through the Secretary to the Treasury. Who or what pulls the strings behind the scenes is anyone's guess.
Lord Mayor of London Roger Gifford Photo: Getty

 It all started so well: Alderman Roger Gifford in the back of the golden coach   Note the golden coach.  

The City of London has its own Lord Mayor who represents The Crown - his name is Roger Gifford - the head of the Corporation of LondonRead Here  It has a council of 12 members who rule the Corporation under the Lord Mayor. The Lord Mayor and his 12 member council serves as proxies or representatives who sit-in for some of the worlds wealthiest, most powerful banking families.  
How City of London (British Crown) Runs the World
When the Queen wishes to conduct business within the City, she is met by the Lord Mayor at Temple Bar where she requests permission to enter this private, sovereign state. She then proceeds into the City walking several paces behind the Mayor. Her entourage may not be clothed in anything other than service uniforms. The Queen bows to the Mayor only in the city. Outside of the city of London he bows to her. 
The City of London is the only part of Britain over which parliament has no authority. In one respect at least the Corporation acts as the superior body: it imposes on the House of Commons a figure called the remembrancer: an official lobbyist who sits behind the Speaker's chair and ensures that, whatever our elected representatives might think, the City's rights and privileges are protected.

In 1886, Andrew Carnegie wrote that, "six or seven men can plunge the nation into war without consulting Parliament at all."  Vincent Vickers, a director of the Bank of England from 1910-1919 blamed the Corporation/ City for the wars of the world.
The British Empire was an extension of bankers' financial interests. Indeed, all the colonies were "Crown Colonies". They belonged to The City and were not subject to British law although Englishmen were expected to conquer and pay for them.
                           The Badge of Office
The Lord Mayor's Badge of Office - Gold and REAL Diamonds - nice bit of 'bling'  :-/

Western colonization is widely taught in school history courses, so it need not be repeated here. One key aspect of the colonial period is generally omitted or skimmed over from the more basic history courses. This is the fact that all the "Crown colonies" were established on a corporate model with financial ties to the City of London - not the nation of England or Britain. 

The island of Britain is a Crown Colony.
The City of London is not.
The directorate of The Crown, whoever they were, had NO loyalty to any nation - They were and are, devoted entirely to their philosophy which seeks absolute power over an earthly realm. For more than 250 years, the servants of The Crown brought untold wealth back from the colonies to the British Isles - for themselves: the population of the United Kingdom (English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh peoples) received very little wealth even though they provided the tax base and cannon fodder.
The people were invaluable assets of the Crown, but they knew not what they served - and still don't. "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who believe they are free". Historian Jeffrey Steinberg could be referring to the US, Canada and Australia when he writes, "England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, are today little more than slave plantations and social engineering laboratories, serving the needs of the Crown/City of London.

According to the "American Almanac," the crown bankers are part of a network with an estimated $10 trillion in assets. It lords over such corporate giants as Royal Dutch Shell, Imperial Chemical Industries, Lloyds of London, Unilever, Lonrho, Rio Tinto Zinc, and Anglo American DeBeers. It dominates the world supply of petroleum, gold, diamonds, and many other vital raw materials.

The Crown/ City of London dominates the world's speculative markets. A tightly interlocking group of corporations, involved in raw materials extraction, finance, insurance, transportation, and food production, controls the lion's share of the world market, and exerts virtual "choke point'' control over world industry. Read Here

If one wants to know the genuine motives for particular actions in history they are told to "follow the money." But that is only half of it - one must also follow the philosophy - the religious beliefs of those in control.
For purposes of clarity, let The Crown always refer to a stealthy circle of power brokers who all believe in the Masonic philosophy - the brotherhood of man ruled by philosopher kings (or adepts) in league with the God of Masonry. One need only wade through the cumbersome histories of Masonry and also read Albert Pike's Morals and Dogma to see precisely that this power-philosophy encompasses virtually all the religious notions ever conjured up by man.


Ordinary members of Masonic lodges, are to these adepts and their goals what the people of the Western civilizations are to the directors of the Crown - useful fools. This secretive cabal is represented by the dominant political, economic and cultural institutions across the world. Western society has been subverted and western culture is bankrupt. Democracy is a form of social control and the mass media and education are forms of indoctrination.

 HE BAN     Uploaded on Jan 5, 2009
                     The real world economic superpower. The Corporation of London. K OF ENGLAND

The Bank of England was created in 1694 by a Scotsman William Paterson who famously said:
The bank hath benefit of interest on all moneys 
which it creates out of nothing. 
– William Paterson
Up until 1946 when it was nationalised the Bank of England was a private run bank that lent money it created out of nothing to the English government and was paid back with interest. A famous story related to the bank and the Rothschilds is the Battle of Waterloo in which Nathan Rothschild used his inside knowledge of the outcome to play the market by selling his English bonds and giving the impression that the French had won therefore causing a rush by other brokers to sell quickly which drove the price down to 5% of their original worth. Once the bottom had dropped out the market he then re-bought as much as he could and in doing so he multiplied his wealth twenty times in 3 days of trading.
At the same time of being immensely wealthy he also became the single largest debtor to the English government which ultimately gave him control over the bank of England. English bonds were a debt guaranteed by future tax revenue of the English government, therefore the taxes the citizens paid were going to pay the 8% interest that the English government had to pay to borrow the money. As Nathan now controlled the majority of the English bonds he could determine the price and therefore the supply of the English currency which gave him great power over the countries finances.
"I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire. The man who controls Britain's money supply controls the British Empire and I control the British money supply." – Nathan Rothschild
The bank of England was nationalised in 1946 but because the government was broke after the second world war they had no money to buy out the shareholders so instead they were issued with government stocks and although the government now earned money from the profits they had to pay interest on any new stock they issued to pay for the shares.  In 1977, the Bank set up a wholly owned subsidiary called Bank Of England Nominees Limited, a private limited company with 2 of its 100 £1 shares issued. The objectives of the company are:
"To act as Nominee or agent or attorney either solely or jointly with others, for any person or persons, partnership, company, corporation, government, state, organisation, sovereign, province, authority, or public body, or any group or association of them…."
This company is very special as its protected by the official secrets act, its Royal Charter status and is exempt from the normal disclosure requirements that other companies have to comply with to meet section 27 of the Companies Act 1976. The reason being is that the major players in the world of finance including the Queen of England and other Royal families use this company to purchase shares and remain anonymous.
However even though (on the surface at least) the Bank of England is now state owned its important to note that up to 97% of the UK's money supply is privately controlled being in the form of interest bearing loans created by the big commercial banks. The bank holds very little government stock and the Bank's profits primarily come from the issuing of coins and notes for use by high street banks.

Financial Stability
Therefore it seems the Bank Of England has reduced in size and importance over the years and is now mainly a regulatory body that oversees the existing banking system. Referred to as "the lender of last resort" one of its main functions as the bankers bank is to support banks that get into difficulty such as during the recent financial melt down.
Further interest on this subject can be found in the book The Empire Of The City and in the documentaries The Ring Of Power and The Corporation

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The Cestui Que Vie Act (1666) - People Owned Under Old English Law

Video:  Cest.mpeg


Please Watch this Video:  (unable to link the screen)  

Video Description by seventiki:
Uploaded on Feb 16, 2010
by seventiki

What is the "Cestui Qui" (pronounce set-a-kay) and why should you care?  In 1666 in London, during the black plague and Great Fires of London, English Parliament enacted an act, behind closed doors, called Cestui Que Vie Act 1666.

... and/or the video below.

Taking Banks To Court, Cestui Que Vie Act 1666, Maritime Law Internet of Things Cyber Attack

Published on Feb 27, 2014

The act being debated the Cestui Qui Act was to subrogate the rights of men and women meaning: 
All men and women were declared dead, 
lost at sea/beyond the sea. 

Note: Admiralty Law was being used, therefore "The Law of the Sea" was being applied, not "The Law of the Land"   .... so ALL of us were deemed to be Lost at Sea in the passing of that Act.

The State (of London) thenceforth took custody of everybody and their property into a Trust, the State became the Trustee/ Husband holding all titles to the people and property, until a living man [or woman] comes back to reclaim those titles and can also claim damages.  (Reclaim using UCC 1 and PPSA)

The use of CAPITAL LETTERS used in a NAME:  When CAPITAL letters are used anywhere in a NAME this always refers to a LEGAL ENTITY/FICTION, COMPANY or CORPORATION no exceptions. e.g. John DOE or Doe, JANE (PASSPORT, DRIVER LICENSE, MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE and BIRTH CERTIFICATE)

CEST TUI QUE TRUST:  This is a commonly known trust cited in NEW ZEALAND, AUSTRALIA or STRAWMAN common term, in USA or CANADA is a LEGAL ENTITY/ FICTION created and owned by the GOVERNMENT whom created it. I repeat owned by the GOVERNMENT.

Legally, we are considered to be a FICTION, a concept or idea expressed as a NAME, a symbol. That LEGAL PERSON has no consciousness; it is a juristic PERSON, EN LEGIS, a NAME/ word written on a piece of paper.

This traces back to 1666 - London is a state, just like Vatican is a state, just like Washington DC is a state. 

The Crown is an unincorporated association. 

Why unincorporated??  Because it's private.  The "Temple Bar" is in London.  Every lawyer called to "The Bar" swears allegiance to the Temple Bar. You can't get called without swearing this allegiance

The Crown already owns North America and everything in it.

Your only way out is to reclaim your dead entity (strawman) that the Crown created, become the Trustee of the Cestui Qui Trust and remove yourself from Admiralty Law that states that you are a Dead Fictional Entity.